The Rules of Dark Web Security

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Conrad Schroeder asked 8 måneder ago

Of course you need to hide your real IP and access to the Darknet network from a simple browser is not secure.
Use TOR exclusively and download only from the official site. Remember that you are in an illegal network and every student in it will want to cheat you. Of course, there are moderately honest sellers, it depends on what to pay attention to. For goods that they sell or deal with you on their own. Before doing anything, think well how you can test your or other person's actions, how truthful they are.

And even better, if you are not confident in your abilities, knowledge, do not go to such places, they are not for you! Read more and more about Darknet, which prepares at least a few percent for unexpected things. If you want to work according to your needs, So find out what happens in your country, what happens.

Evaluate your actions, as the seller may not be a salesperson, but a policeman for example. This is something like fishing for live bait, called control buying. They may not be able to get to know you on the net, but when you get the item you bought, ask them to go with you, with these people who would take a person away from life for a long time.

Are familiar with him. The situation is the same with the publication of prohibited information on the Internet, all kinds of calls for disorders and other things. Again, you may not get it right away, but after some time you forget what you have done. So nothing makes sense, someone asked or mentioned in a conversation on stage, Minor clues and you'll be reminded of what you've done before in a meeting.

Many would say that this is all nonsense and no one needs to follow someone else as an example. Hello, today I will talk about a computer network which is based on the infrastructure of the Internet. In it you can find everything that is not on the regular web: arms trade, drugs, child pornography and more.

Servers with this content are located in the area of the «Deep Web» (DeepWeb) – segments of the Internet that are not available for indexing by search engines. Access to many of these sites is possible only through a series of encrypted connections – a TOR network, nodes of which are scattered around the world.

I warn you specifically, if you're a normal person, you don't really see what you see there.
If you are fine with nerves – a selection of screenshots in the continuation of the post. Tor Client Management Console. The screen displays the current path of traffic flow through the encrypted network. All connections are anonymous, you can pave a new route at any time.

At the same time, TOR does not guarantee 100% protection against interception, as the data entry and exit stages can be «tapped» at the data provider level. The software can operate in client input or output point mode, so that the flow of traffic to other people will pass through it, and the owner of such a computer will always be able to «say that it was someone else who downloaded / entered» And would be right.

» By the way, they say about TOR that it consists of 99% of trolls, hackers, child porn lovers and FBI agents. Since regular search indexing is not available on the web, links to various resources in TOR are popular. The most famous of them is Hiddenwikki, the largest. Since its access is anonymous, it is often seen as barbaric, for example, by removing clauses with links to child porn. It can also be found on the archives of all anoops operating, along with all the data and files stolen from the FBI. Even u200b u200b that WikiLeaks would envy some information. The is risky for unexperienced people of the surface world. There are a lot of hackers and spammers are ready to swallow your information. So, be careful to browse the dark net world all the time. (function() )();