Brittny Vonwiller asked 7 måneder ago

Due to Google’s algorithms constantly evolving, it can be difficult to determine areas to focus your SEO efforts on for maximum results. Yet, there’s one ranking factor that’s always worth optimizing for: content.

With the launch of the helpful content system, there’s no doubt that content tailored to people’s needs can naturally secure a high ranking, especially if it’s published on a website with a high domain authority. Still, for particularly competitive keywords, it might require a little push.

Steps to optimize content for SEO
Content optimization is a complex process that requires the implementation of numerous activities, starting from content audit to continuous SEO tracking. With so many steps involved, it can be easy to lose track.

Now, let’s briefly go over each of them so we don’t miss out on anything important.

1. Perform a comprehensive SEO content audit.
Before we determine which content optimization activities are necessary, it’s essential to know where to implement them. Simply put, we need to identify pages that are not performing as expected.

To do this, go to GA4 and click Reports > Engagement > Pages and lanterna de pescuit Screens. Here, you can find an overview of your content/pages, along with a combination of metrics necessary for effective content optimization (e.g., users, views, average engagement time, conversions and so on).